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CEO: Create an Elite Organization

Targeted Audience: Executives, Managers, team leaders, account managers, Business Development Managers and more will all benefit from the course.  Any professional who knows they are capable of more but don’t know how to get there. 

Deliverables: Learn the principles Special Operations personnel embrace to build elite teams capable of accomplishing any mission or task.  You will be taught how to apply these principles to your teams and organizations and allow them to reach the next level.  This course teaches managers how to manage and leaders how to lead.  The course will ensure priorities are properly established and the correct operations are being conducted. 

Duration: 1 day.  (Half day instruction with half day workshop tailored to organizational/departmental problems)

Description:  The CEO course breaks down the principles used by Special Operations for over 60 years and teaches managers and leaders how to apply these principles to their business model.  Our CEO course focuses on building your company from the bottom up in order to align your staff with the company’s purpose.  You will learn to “SEE” your organization in a new light and “ACT” on this knowledge in a manner consistent with organizational and team objectives.  During the workshop you will ensure your team or organization is “R3 Compliant” and staying true to course.  The knowledge gained from the CEO course will make you cutting edge in your operations.

BLIS: Body Language Increase Sales

Targeted Audience: Anyone who deals with customers, clients, or sales.

Deliverables: Learn to simply and effectively apply Strategic Interpersonal Behavior and all three channels of communication (verbal, paralinguistic, and nonverbal) to quickly increase sales and decrease your sales timeline.  Learn to use the targeting cycle to better and more effectively find and close more sales.

Duration: 4 hours

Description:  BLIS highlights the skills, learned at the national level, used to cross cultural, religious, racial, and linguistic boundaries to enhance rapport and close agreements between indigenous people and Special Forces Operators. 

TKG has packaged this knowledge into an easy to learn format; breaking down Body Language into its simplest forms.  Our simplified process provides easy to remember techniques to use when you need them most and the pressure is on to make a sale. 

We focus on the entire sales process and demonstrate how to use your body language posture to create openness, sincerity, professionalism, and the competency necessary to close sales faster and evangelize your clients for follow on sales.

INC: Intelligent Nonverbal Communications

Targeted Audience: Graduates of the BLIS training looking to hone their edge in a competitive market.  Leaders, keynote speakers, or anyone who presents information to the public or staff.

Deliverables: Proven skills and techniques applicable to different postures necessary for the successful establishment of rapport and closure of sales.  Participants will be recorded conducting sales interactions and “fishbowl” scenarios will drive imaginative and constructive feedback and preparation for future sales and managerial issues. 

Duration: 6 Hours

Description: INC is designed for professionals desiring more efficiency and proper utilization of nonverbal communication.  Offered for graduates of our Increased Sales course – INC fosters understanding of the advanced skills utilized during the sales process.  INC also offers advanced insight into the capturing and recording of information gained throughout the sales pipeline and gives participants new confidence and ability to fully understand Strategic Interpersonal Behavior.  Each graduate will be given tailored tips on how to best utilize their own tendencies and a movie will be compiled showing the transition of techniques.

TIP: Tactical Interviewing Practices

Targeted Audience: Human Resource personnel, managers, and others charged with conducting interviews with potential candidates, vendors, and customers.

Deliverables: Graduates will be able to successfully select and recommend the correct candidate/person/entity for positions.  In case of suspected fraudulent activity, graduates will also be able to better ascertain the probable truthfulness of suspected personnel.

Duration: 4 hours

Description: Learn the techniques and best practices gained through diverse operational environments across the globe.  In TIP – you will be taught how to assess signs of deception and the probability of truth whilst conducting an interview.  We will discuss the benefits of Cognitive Interviewing and its applicability.  Participants will be given the tools and techniques to make them better equipped to conduct any interview – formal or informal.

CSO: Communicate Strategic Objectives

Targeted Audience: Managers, leaders, project managers, and program managers charged with imparting objectives onto staff and overseeing deliverables.

Deliverables: Graduates will be able to more effectively articulate organizational objectives both vertically and horizontally.  They will become “unfrozen” by the bureaucracy and will learn to better trust and empower subordinates.

Duration: 1 day

Description: Leaders lead – but far too often are left to figure out “how” to lead.  Military Special Operations Forces are adept at identifying and enacting the “commanders intent” and gauging operational limits.  This course will impart the best practices of lessons learned from Special Operations commanders at various levels of operational requirements.

4DP: Four Dimensional Planning

Targeted Audience: Project managers, program managers, team leaders, and executives.

Deliverables: Techniques to elevate your planning procedures and the implementation of plans.  You will learn planning best practices gained from over 50 years of Special Operations experiences. 

Duration: 6 hours

Description:  Special Operators are successful because of their ability to plan.  With life and death often on the line – we embrace the “hope for the best, plan for the worst” methodology.  Learn to identify and plan for the worst-case scenario and thrive through the successful implementation of various contingencies.  Successful planning is the backbone of a cutting edge organization.  Learn how to successfully identify and troubleshoot appropriate courses of action to satisfy objectives.  Learn how to work through developing situations and how to create cohesive and collaborative teams. Our 4D framework will allow junior and seasoned managers and leaders to better and more effectively plan for any operation and utilize the appropriate project management techniques.

CEM: Create an Elite Mindset

Targeted Audience: Graduates of the CEO course – or executives needing to foster a better understanding of what constitutes an “elite” mindset.

Deliverables: A better holistic awareness of the traits necessary to drive growth in highly competitive markets.  Staff that stops seeing problems and begin seeing solutions.

Duration: 1 day

Description:  Special Operations members are continuously asked “How do you achieve the impossible and never quit?” Special Forces members have the ability to deal with a VUCA (Volatile, Uncertain, Complex, and Ambiguous) environment and thrive. TKG breaks down what it takes to train for mental resiliency to see obstacles in your path and then move around, over, or through them to success.  Mental resiliency will allow your staff to remain a cohesive team as they deal with issues that present themselves. 

PCS: Personal Computer Security

Targeted Audience: Anyone who uses a tablet, computer or smartphone.

Deliverables: A better awareness of the threats, both conventional and unconventional, surrounding the usage of technology and the Internet.

Duration: 4 hours

Description:  Our four-hour course is built from the knowledge gained operating at all levels of the international Special Operations and intelligence communities.

We demystify technology and allow you to grasp it’s usage in a whole new way – safely and worry free.  Best of all – we teach you to understand the usage of technology and it’s potential implication on your personally identifiable information, financial information, and data.  Learn FREE ways to secure your data and information to safeguard it from those who want to do you harm or steal your information.

SCI: Safeguarding Corporate Information

Targeted Audience: Graduates of the PCS course and managers who want to understand technical threats and safeguarding of corporate data and intellectual property.

Deliverables: Awareness of unconventional threats to intellectual property and corporate security.  Proven techniques to safeguard data against theft and loss.

Duration: 6 hours

Description:  Our SCI course is designed to teach managers, business owners, and technical staff the tools, techniques, and procedures necessary to safeguard corporate intellectual property from all threats – domestic and external – human and technological.  

CRT: Conflict Resolution Techniques

Targeted Audience: Human Resource personnel, managers, and others charged with the resolution of interoffice conflicts, disputes and rivalries.

Deliverables: The CRT course allows graduates to better identify and prevent causes of interoffice and interpersonal disputes.  Once these causes have been identified – graduates of the course will be able to better and more effectively root them out.

Duration: 6 Hours

Description: Despite the best efforts of management, conflicts often arise in the office.  Utilizing both industry best practices and lessons learned through operational experiences and training the CRT course allows personnel to successfully resolve harmful conflicts before they impact the overall organization.

ENT: Effective Negotiations Techniques

Targeted Audience: Anyone charged with negotiating terms or interested in learning world class techniques for effective negotiations.

Deliverables: Graduates of the ENT course will be well prepared to both conduct negotiations and identify and counter common techniques being used against them during important negotiations.

Duration: 1 day

Description: The ENT course allows participants to better prepare for and conduct effective negotiations.  Removing all the gimmicks from other courses – this course allows you to start truly identifying and understanding organizational or team objectives and satisfy them when failure is not an option.

TMC: The Managers Course

Targeted Audience: Anyone, junior or senior, who is in charge of others.

Deliverables: TMC graduates will learn the best practices from both the military and corporate cultures.  Graduates will be able to create and sustain winning High Performance Teams – no matter the industry.

Duration: 1 day

Description:  The Managers Course is exactly that: a course designed from the roots up to teach managers how to manage.  This course is designed to be equally applicable to new managers and seasoned managers as well.  From the identification of a new team member, through on boarding and performance reviews, learn the tactics elite military professionals and corporate stars use to succeed.  Take the guesswork out of dealing with your staff and learn to manage like a professional.

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The Hill: Book One of the Invictus Series



Front Cover

The Invictus series is about becoming Unconquered, Unsubdued and Invincible.

The parables continued in each volume teach you skills from lessons learned first-hand in environments most people can only imagine.

What happens when you decide to pursue your dreams, quit your cushy civilian job, join the military and try out for Special Forces?  To try and become an elite Green Beret?

Quite the journey, I promise you.  But it was a journey worth the pain and uncertainty as it forged me into who I am now.

In The Hill you’ll learn that fear is a liar.  It’s even worse than a liar – it’s a

predator that finds within you your absolute weaknesses and tries to ensure you never grow from where you are right now.

But you can learn to overcome this fear as I did.   You can learn to change and embrace the fear.  To put it in its proper location and use it to your advantage.

We each face and deal with fears in our own unique way.  And yet, far too often we let them stop us.

No more.  Learn to conquer the hills in your life.  Learn to enjoy the view from the top.

Available in print and ebook on

Ground Truth Book

Ground Truth Book – Learn the lessons of elite military Special Forces (without the pain).

Book cover

Albert Einstein said the definition of insanity is “doing something over and over again and expecting the same result.”  He also said “We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them.”

Sadly, and even though we readily admit he was one of the greatest minds of the 20th century, we tend to openly ignore both of these truisms.  Too often we see people, teams, and organizations trying to fix their problems by repeating the same mistakes while expecting different results.

Want to lose weight? Get up off the couch and Facebook and burn some calories.

Want to increase sales? Identify the problems in your sales pipeline and set about fixing them.

Having trouble with an underperforming employee, teammate or spouse?  Learn how to hold them accountable.

Wasting time in boring and unnecessary meetings?  Have no idea what the strategic vision of your company is?  I could go on and on, but I’ll spare you.

Ground Truth is a collection of articles written to highlight the immense differences in the thought processes of elite military Special Forces operators.  These articles within will give you unconventional and thought provoking tips and insights allowing you and your organization to grow and prosper.

It contains Special Operations Insights, Leadership, Accountability, and Lessons Learned from serving in elite Special Operations units.  The guidance within isn’t theoretical – it was gained from doing – not thinking.

See what people are saying:

His approach to leadership and business is easy to follow and he’s included quotes and questions that…: Scott applies his knowledge and background taught from his time within the US Army Special Forces (Green Beret) and how to successfully apply it to the private sector – where he’s also been successful. His approach to business and leadership is easy to follow and he’s included quotes and questions that allow the reader to further relate the information. I highly recommend this book for corporate leaders and executives.

Definitely a must read:  In the past year I’ve gone from working alone to having 4 employees. I have no prior management experience and needless to say I’ve been going at it blind. This book opened my eyes and made me realize there are so many simple things I could be doing to help and motivate my team. If I could just get my employees to read this too I’m sure the team dynamic would improve greatly. Definitely worth the read.

Great book! Thought-provoking. Concise. Relevant. Inspiring: Great book! I enjoyed the different perspective Scott’s military background brings to the business world. The topics are spot-on, and the edgy viewpoints caught me off guard in a refreshing way. Reading the book has caused me to reevaluate my own work performance and reframe how I interact in an office setting–especially in the leadership facets. It is well worth the read!

Many people live out their lives not reaching their full potential: Many people live out their lives not reaching their full potential. I believe it is simply due to the fact they do not have the insight and understanding to do so. There is so much you can learn from Scott that not only applies in the business world but also for personal growth. A must read! Thanks Scott for sharing such valuable knowledge!

Motivating and inspiring: This is a must read. Each lesson is motivating, inspiring and to the point. There are some very valuable lessons here that help in becoming more organized and in my case, a better team mate and leader. I would strongly recommend anyone to read this book.

Buy now at or on iTunes.


“Scott Kinder is one of the most accomplished and respected patriots in his field. He is a multifaceted highly talented professional with an extraordinary work ethic. His incredible breadth and depth of knowledge can be experienced in conversing with him or witnessing one of his very professional presentations. I’ve had the honor of working with Mr. Kinder for many years and I can personally vouch for his intuitive knowledge based thought process that always brought us out ahead no matter the obstacle we faced. I highly recommend Mr. Kinder and The Kinder Group to anyone looking for the cutting edge solutions to today’s and tomorrow’s dilemmas.”

Owner, Tryton Security Inc.


“It is with great pleasure and enthusiasm that I am writing to endorse Mr. Scott Kinder. Scott is a take-charge person who is able to present creative ideas and communicate the benefits. I recommend Mr. Kinder without reservation. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask.”

Program Director at NEK Services Inc


“Scott and I worked together closely, daily, for just over a year. He was a project manager that operated independently with a significant portfolio producing uncommon results. He has no noticeable ego, despite being very skilled in his field. He focuses on producing the best possible capability and building the strongest possible team. I found him tireless, relentless, and loyal to the mission of the organization. I would hire him in any capacity because of his character, talent and work ethic. I would also work for him for the same reasons. His resume is unusually candid – and accurate.”

Commanding Officer at Marine Special Operations


“Scott is an efficient, determined, and detail oriented leader. In the 4+ years that I have known him, Scott continues to maintain a competent pool of individuals in possession of skillsets that provide timely and methodic solutions to their global customer’s management and security concerns.”

Blackbird Technologies


“Mr. Kinder is one of the most professional and meticulous planners who executes training opportunities flawlessly. When I had the pleasure of working with him, Mr. Kinder’s personal and heartfelt objective was, and continues to be, the enhanced survivability of young American patriots when deployed. I highly reccommend Mr. Scott Kinder of the Kinder Group as a person of integrity and utmost professionalism.”



“Scott is an extremely diligent and thorough professional. He is very adept at finding the win/win solutions. He is a gifted communicator and a strong leader. He has a mission first attitude and is always moving forward at 110%. I would welcome the opportunity to work with Scott again.”

Retired Special Forces Warrant Officer


“Working for Scott Kinder was an excellent experience. His understanding of Advance Special Operations and the Special Forces environment as a whole is beyond reproach. His organizational skills, attention to detail and dedication to student training and mission success are characteristics which make him successful. His knowledge in the field made him a pleasure to work for.”

Site Lead – Advanced Special Operations Instructor at NEK Services


“Scott is one of the most knowledgeable, humble, and extraordinary leaders that I have ever had the privilege to work with or learn from. His work ethic, knowledge base, integrity, and equanimity have no equal. Scott is the living embodiment of the term, “Silent Professional”.


I have never met a more capable individual or accomplished patriot that is as humble and grounded as Scott. Never resting on his laurels he is constantly pushing himself and those around him to find and implement new and creative ways to accomplish any mission or task.


Scott is a role model that every professional leader should strive to emulate, I am proud to call him my friend, and would gladly go out of my way to work with him again in any setting or capacity.”

Graduate Student at University of Tulsa


“Scott is intelligent and detail oriented. He is gifted at complex problem solving. He finds innovative ways to accomplish objectives. I was grateful for the work that Scott did for our organization and I would absolutely like to work with him again.”

Founder at FreshAir Sensor Corporation


“Scott Kinder was instrumental in delivering high quality training, leadership and mentoring to Special Operations Forces preparing for overseas missions. He successful executed realistic training exercises through the application of his operational experience and ability to provide constructive feedback for sustainment or improvement of their skills. Scott is a team player, able to lead, listen and mentor and working with him was a pleasure.”

Intelligence Analyst and Trainer

“I had the honor and pleasure working with Scott for approximately 2 years. A true professional in every sense of the word. He always had the correct solutions to a problem set; and always had our peoples interests, well-being, and readiness at the forefront of his mind. Use his services; he will exceed expectations.”

Real Estate Professional


“In my experience while working with Scott, he was nothing short of a true professional and someone that I would seek out to work with in the future. I worked off and on with Scott for over two years and can tell you that his drive, moral character and true leadership are something that people should aspire to. I personally observed Scott to be detail oriented and a leader that was able to keep good relationships with not only his subordinates but fellow peers. He has my highest recommendation for his future endeavors.”

United States Marine at USMC


“Scott Kinder has one of the most driven and detail oriented foundations I have ever come across. His capacity to interpret, manage, and employ emerging information and fluidly insert the same products into the overall project is a true strength of Scott’s. As a project/program manager, his mentorship, influence, and technical acumen in any situation over a broad spectrum of topics brings teams together quickly, efficiently, and with laser sharp focus. His intelligence, capability, and drive are only surpassed by his humility.”

EOD Master Gunnery Sergeant at USSOCOM Care Coalition


“Scott is a true Quiet Professional with the unique combination of knowledge, experience and brilliant creativity needed to propel any organization to the highest possible level of achievement.”

Director at Critical Capabilities Training Group, LLC