The Hill: Book One of the Invictus Series



Front Cover

The Invictus series is about becoming Unconquered, Unsubdued and Invincible.

The parables continued in each volume teach you skills from lessons learned first-hand in environments most people can only imagine.

What happens when you decide to pursue your dreams, quit your cushy civilian job, join the military and try out for Special Forces?  To try and become an elite Green Beret?

Quite the journey, I promise you.  But it was a journey worth the pain and uncertainty as it forged me into who I am now.

In The Hill you’ll learn that fear is a liar.  It’s even worse than a liar – it’s a

predator that finds within you your absolute weaknesses and tries to ensure you never grow from where you are right now.

But you can learn to overcome this fear as I did.   You can learn to change and embrace the fear.  To put it in its proper location and use it to your advantage.

We each face and deal with fears in our own unique way.  And yet, far too often we let them stop us.

No more.  Learn to conquer the hills in your life.  Learn to enjoy the view from the top.

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